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27 October 2011 @ 11:12 pm
[It has been unusually windy in Raitou these past few days, and getting colder, too. This is the sort of weather that brings people together through wacky coincidences and misfortunes! Hats tumble away, purses are torn from arms, papers go flying down the street!

Still, it is a nice day. Perhaps one wants to spend it with friends?]
16 August 2011 @ 02:24 pm
[If you go to the Underside today, you will probably be eventually greeted with the sounds of shrieking.

Shrieking Shadows, that is.

Throughout the day, there are literally flaming Shadows running around, usually only to end up dead soon enough. Maybe one died at your feet. Maybe one is running right at you. Either way, whoever's been setting them on fire is probably some sadistic asshole.

Zahra has been trying to preoccupy herself, to say the least.]
14 August 2011 @ 09:57 pm
[It would have been a nice day today. A little bit too hot, but with enough of a breeze it wasn't unbearable. The sun is shining, it's still summer vacation, and the world isn't trying to end.

And then. And then. Someone in the idol industry was clearly not paying attention, for many of the popular magazines for those with such interests (and some tabloids as well) have two things. One, sometime in the indeterminate past which I will eventually fic shut up, one hotass foreigner and one tsunjesus were in semi-holy matrimony joined in marriage like shenanigans. There are quite a few pictures. Someone tried to make a Big Deal, which would be fine if this wasn't a magazine marketed primarily to preteen and teenaged girls.

In the pages right next to the ones shattering dreams across Raitou, there are pictures from some idol DVD Sei's making. That involves vampires. And uncomfortably hot chairdances. And some scavenger-hunt contest for autographed copies. That involves taking pictures from locations all across Raitou with various pretty people, because someone was clearly high when they thought this up.

The combination of these events has lead to an uncommon frenzy of fannish interests. They are all across Raitou. They are in various stages of squee or unrealistic despair. They are not acceptable targets for sharking in the face.

And they're coming for you.]

[MINGLE! The fans are out for the pretties. Feel free to add to the mania/help people escape/throw them to the fans/popcorn. Ready, set, GO.]
01 August 2011 @ 08:46 pm
[It's a lovely day in Raitou, if a bit damp. The sun is out, the temperature is fairly balmy. It's a nice day to get things done.

Or it would be, if the power for the transit system didn't go out in the middle of the afternoon, from about 3:13 PM until 9:40, leaving thousands stranded.

So, what to do? Continue your business? Try to walk home? Wait things out? Call for rides?]
24 July 2011 @ 01:51 am
[ It's been pretty hot the last few days, but thankfully the heat is starting to break-- a storm is over the horizon in the early morning, thundering by noon, and down-pouring by evening.

Makoto spends her morning food shopping, and escapes the rain later that day by ducking into a clothing store-- though not entirely within her usual spectrum. She seems to be looking at children's clothing-- infants in particular.

Shiba is out doing deliveries for the bakery in the early afternoon, but at night he's sitting on the edge of the bridge and looking... a little lost.

Mio is back to her workaholic ways. She seems pretty determined to finish filling out this stack of paperwork before she passes out this afternoon. The waiters in her cafe seem hesitant to keep giving her shots of espresso, however.

Salem is staring through the window of a book store during the early morning hours. Later, however, you can find him curled up next to a dumpster in an effort to keep his fur dry in the rain. It's not really working.

Norie is out late at night, taking some pills tucked into an alleyway-- but not, however, in district 9. Progress??

Cecilia seems to have fallen asleep against the cherry tree at Yusuke's shrine  while sweeping(or lack of) during the afternoon. It's starting to drizzle a little...

Az is simply watching the rain in the park from under the safety of his umbrella in the early evening between flipping pages through a book. ]
19 July 2011 @ 02:43 pm
[So, yesterday, mistletoe was hanging up everywhere. Magic, magic mistletoe. And this happened, except in cases where this didn't happen because it's selectively canon by your own choice.

What caused it? Probably demons. You know how it is.

The rumor mill is working overtime in Raitou. All those public kisses! Did you see so and so make out with that one guy?]
[After the chaos of the city this morning, after fighting off a god for what is hopefully the final time, after so much heartache and so many near-death experiences, the chaos and death... There's a certain happiness that the city had seemed to forget for so long, an excited current running through the crowd. Even if they don't know it, they seem to realize how close they've come to destruction, and the energy is palpable.]

[Tomorrow, the world might be in another crisis, another madman or dark god might rise to threaten the city, and the fallen conspiracy will undoubtedly have a great deal of fallout. But tonight, the city seems to be ready to forget that.]

[So enjoy the stall food, play the games, take in the various sights, make time for old friends, sing, dance, and, of course, enjoy the spectacular fireworks display. After all, while the city itself may never know it... you've earned it.]

(This marks the end of All My SEES as a moderated game. From the modteam, to all past and present players: thank you for the last four years.)
[Regardless of what trauma you have unearthed or wounds you have received, by the afternoon, the events have passed, for better or for worse, and things are off of high alert for the authorities and the festivities, while dampened, are now underway again.]

[Or were. At the exact same time, the world around them has slowed to a crawl and anyone not in the know has simply ceased to be, their very beings frozen in time. The color in the world seems to leech away. Little by little, this world and the underside are merging.]

[You didn't seriously think that it was only going to be the the Jokers today, did you? Because if you look outside, every screen is now displaying an arrow, pointing one direction - toward the heart of the city, and then up, to the top of the First District Administrative Tower, the tallest building in Raitou.]

[This is it. The final battle has come.]
10 July 2011 @ 01:22 am
[Wherever you are in the city, if you're in the know, then you're getting a signal from a scanner. A different scanner than you're probably used to.]

I realize this morning has been chaotic, but we need everyone who can come immediately to the base to do so. We need to regroup and get ready for the last battle, things have become very dire.

I, ah, apologize for telling you all so informally as a message of this sort, but, there is no easy way for me to say this.

Chiharu Miyagi - Paru, as most of you know her - has died.

[Needless to say, the tone in the base is bleak, but the group has been called together none the less, to plan, to prepare, and to mourn.]
08 July 2011 @ 07:17 pm
[It is a beautiful summer morning, sun shining through the clouds, bugs out in force, maybe a bit warm... It seems like it would be the perfect day to sleep in, or perhaps you're the type instead to go out early and check out whatever is going on. After all, it's Tanabata, so all of the stores downtown will have decorations and such out!

Except that stepping outside was a terrible idea. For those who had made a wis and never had it broken, as you step outside, you will feel the world turn upside-down as that wish is forcibly ripped out of you. Taking your sanity along with it. And this is happening in several places along the city... Tanabata's fireworks, it seems, are starting a bit early, and at ground-level.]